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Our Ministry Goal is to assist growing churches by providing a conduit of Christian resources and assistance.  Please pray for us as we minister to churches and missions! Please note that we do not issue grants, but help you to find them.   Email Us

Some Important Definitions

v  A Grant is a sum of money awarded by a funder.  Most grants are awarded to 501 (c) (3) organizations.  There are specific requirements for any grant awarded.


v  A Grant Application/Proposal is a request for monetary support, submitted in writing to a government agency, foundation or corporation.  They may range from 2-40+ pages, depending on who you’re applying with.


v  An Annual Report is a document issued by foundations, corporations and other non-profits that details their year’s activities, income and expenses.  These are valuable to grant seekers for providing information about funders’ interests and priorities, as well as the average amount of their awards.


v  501 (c) (3) is that part of the IRS tax code which sanctions the majority of tax-exempt organizations.  It is the commonest kind of non-profit designation.  Donations made to a 501 (c) (3) organization are tax-deductible.


v  Many areas of the U.S. have a Regional Association of Grantmakers that includes many, if not all, local funders.  They may publish membership directories, common application forms and other helpful information about their association members.


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Three Basic Types of Grants Available


There are many different types of grants available,

but they basically fall into three categories..........Read More


News ---  News --- Lilly Endowment Gives Funding to 132 Congregations Across the USA....

Lilly Endowment recently gave grants to 132 churches for rejuvenation. A Roanoke pastor at Calvary Baptist received $44,270 to take a journey to Great Britain for a time of reflection and renewal. Pastor Britt will follow the footsteps of Celtic Christians who years ago inhabited the area.  More info on Lilly Endowment.

Partners for Sacred Places is the only national, non-sectarian, nonprofit organization dedicated to the sound stewardship and active community use of America's older religious properties. Founded in 1989 by religious, historic preservation and philanthropic leaders, Partners provides assistance to the people who care for sacred places and promotes an understanding of how these places sustain communities.

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

Cfmt helps fund non-profit organizations and projects. If you are in Middle Tennessee, visit their website.



Tyndale House Foundation Grants

Christian Literature: The Foundation seeks to encourage the production and distribution of Bibles, teaching materials, magazines, and other Christian literature. It seeks to support programs that are initiated by, or provide training and experience for nationals in many lands. In today’s digital environment, it also considers various other media in this category such as radio, TV, websites, digital publishing and education.
Other Evangelical Work: The Foundation seeks to support programs that challenge others to take an active ongoing role in the proposed project. It seeks to support training and leadership development. The Foundation rarely contributes to building projects, libraries, individual scholarships, or personnel support.
Local Ministry Programs: Because the Foundation is located in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan area, it has a commitment to help support programs in our local community by making a limited number of grants in this area.

Need a Fundraising Idea?

Create an easy to use church website and use Google Ads on it.  Every time someone visits your site and clicks the ad, you get paid! Use the Power of Google to Make $

Google Adsense

News ---  News --- Covenant Values Foundation is giving away $1 Billion Dollars to Chrisian Charities, Orphans and Ministries......

The Covenant Values Foundation of Chattanooga TN is planning to give $1 Billion Dollars to those who qualify....   for info visit here.   Application


Over 80% of the funds set aside by the US Government for churches have gone  unclaimed!  Most churches have not explored the potential of receiving funding from Uncle Sam to carry our ministry in their community. 

The White House Faith Based Initiative can help. 

Click Here for More Information!

The Pembrook Foundation

The Pembroke Foundation assists new churches (less than 1 year old) in Florida and some other areas with funds to help start a new church or mission, SBC related.


Oldham Little Church Foundation. Helps churches meet a pressing need of a temporary nature which when met would enable the church to become a stronger ministry. For construction projects, they may help with small unanticipated shortfalls. Cannot help on anything that has already been ordered or contracted for. No loans or gifts to purchase property. No grants towards a parsonage, pastor’s study, office furnishings or equipment of any kind. They prefer that the small grants they can make will be enough to finish a project for the congregation’s use and community ministry. Contact the Oldham Church Foundation at 24 Greenway Plaza, Ste 1202, Houston, TX 77046.  Phone  713-275-1050   Link

Public and Private Foundations For selected outreach ministries, it may be possible to qualify for grants from foundations listed in the book of foundations. Check your local library for the “Annual Register of Grant Support: A Directory of Funding Sources.” This book is also available at for about $240. Researching the foundations listed in this book may uncover some selected areas for which your church’s community oriented ministries may qualify.


Remember - you are never more like God, than when you give....   John 3:16

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International Churches

Unfortunately, unless you are affiliated with a USA based denomination, there is little aid available. 

However, some churches or groups may offer aid specifically for work in Africa, Caribbean Islands, the Middle East and other areas.

We will add a guestbook soon for you to sign and list your request.  Check back in a few days.